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In order to apply for a self-sponsorship Skilled worker visa, you will need to meet certain criteria that are set out below.

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Are you a foreign citizen interested in starting a business or expanding your existing one to the UK?

You may not be aware of the Self-Sponsorship route to the Skilled Worker visa, which offers a unique opportunity. This article aims to provide you with all the essential information if you’re an immigrant looking to establish a business in Britain.

What does Self-Sponsorship mean exactly? In the context of visas, Self-Sponsorship refers to applying for a work visa without relying on a third-party UK-based sponsor.

This can be particularly advantageous if you already have a successful business in your home country and want to explore opportunities in the UK. Unlike the Start-up and Innovator founder visas, the Self-Sponsorship route doesn’t require an innovative or unique business idea.

Taking the Self-Sponsorship route may also lead to the possibility of obtaining permanent residency and British Citizenship in the UK, both for you and your family members.

Is Self-Sponsorship right for you?

If you dream of owning and managing a UK-based business while working and living in the country without the fear of losing your visa, then the Self-Sponsorship route is tailored to your needs. This route is open to anyone with a profitable business idea, a willingness to work hard, and a desire for personal freedom.

To qualify for the Self-Sponsorship route, you need to meet the following conditions:

  1. Possess skills, qualifications, or experience in the field of business you plan to establish or develop in the UK.
  2. Have a business idea that demonstrates profitability in the UK, or possess an existing business.
  3. Sufficient resources to support your UK business idea; it is advised to have a minimum of £50,000, depending on the nature of your business.
  4. Appoint a person settled in the country to take on the responsibilities of Director and Authorising Officer.
  5. Successfully complete a basic Level B1 English test.

If you meet the requirements listed above, you can confidently pursue the Self-Sponsorship route.

Now, what are the benefits of choosing Self-Sponsorship over other options?

Suppose you satisfy all the conditions for taking the Self-Sponsorship route to the Skilled Worker visa. In that case, you can establish a company that functions as your sponsor instead of searching for a sponsoring company. Unlike the Innovator Founder Visa, the Self-Sponsorship route doesn’t necessitate a minimum investment, making it ideal for those starting out. This approach also empowers you to have 100% ownership of your business, providing complete control over your professional destiny. Additionally, the language requirements for the Self-Sponsorship route are set at the basic B1 level instead of the more advanced B2 required for the Innovator Visa.

Another advantage is that the business model doesn’t need to be unique or innovative. As a result, you’re not required to obtain an endorsement from an endorsing body, which saves time and expenses. Furthermore, the Skilled Worker visa granted through the Self-Sponsorship route is valid for 4 years, making it longer-lasting than the 3-year Innovator Founder visa and the 2-year Start-up visa.

If you’re interested in the Self-Sponsorship route, Global Law can assist you in registering your company in the UK. We have a team of UK professionals who can guide you through the process and help you secure the Skilled Worker visa.

Additionally, as a non-UK resident, you’ll need to appoint a UK-based Director, a service that Global Law can also facilitate. With over 100 successful cases of supporting entrepreneurs in obtaining business visas and a pool of 100’s experts in various business aspects, we can provide comprehensive assistance—from business establishment to marketing—to ensure your venture’s success.

What We Can Offer You:

  • A detailed assessment of your personal circumstances
  • Ensure that you have the correct documentation to strengthen your case
  • The completion of your application
  • Submission of your application
  • Regular updates of the application.
  • Contact you with the confirmation of your results for your application.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We work on a fixed fee basis, meaning that any fee quoted is the final fee you will pay regardless of how complicated a case becomes. Our fee scale has been authorised by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner.

Our offices are located Dubai, UAE and in London, United Kingdom. We are happy to meet clients either face-to-face or remotely for consultations. We highly recommend that clients book their consultations before their visit to avoid any delays in seeing you.

Preparation of your application for submission to the Home Office may take between a few days and a number of weeks depending on your circumstances. Most applications submitted inside the UK, are reviewed by the Home Office within 8 weeks, whilst most applications submitted outside the UK are reviewed within 3 weeks, apart from family applications which can take 12 weeks. Exceptions apply.

We are qualified to represent clients in all categories of immigration, including:

• – UK Visit Visa
• – UK Spouse Visa
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• – UK Skilled Workers
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We offer consultations to support our clients with selecting the most appropriate UK & UAE immigration route. We also offer full assistance with the preparation and submission of immigration applications for our clients, as well as legal advice and representation when challenging refusals through Administrative Review and the Immigration Tribunal Appeal processes

Applying for UK Visit Visa can be a complex matter and will depend on your personal circumstances. By having a Free Consultation with us, we will give you professional and honest advice about the possible outcome of your application

When applying for a UK Spouse Visa, there are many ways a person may meet the requirements. When assessing your circumstances, we will give you a full and comprehensive document list which we must submit when making your application.

In most instances you should find a job through a recruitment agency in the UK, Once you have secured a job, Global Law will process your visa application. If you are Healthcare worker, we can put you in touch with Care Homes that offer sponsorship.

Global Law has one of the best PRO officers on their team. Our PRO officer has 13 years of experience dealing with all the services you may need in Dubai and the UAE.

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