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US Visit Visa

Is a Visa Required for Travel to the United States from UAE?

The United State of America, with its multi-cultural and diversity attracts visitors from around the world throughout the year. Both citizens of UAE and residents of UAE (Except if you are a passport holder of one of the countries under the US Visa Waiver Program) require a Visa to enter USA for both immigration and non-immigration purpose.

Applying for a US visit visa is a tedious process, contact our Immigration lawyers at Global law Immigration Consultancy, Dubai, who can help you ease the process.Holding a 5-star rating, Global law has 17 years of expertise in USimmigration law and being the winners of the SME’s Most Trusted Immigration Consultancy award in 2021, we ensure that we can provide best US visit visa services and save you of your precious time and money.

US Visit visa

What are the types of US Visit Visa’s available?

US Visit Visa is a type of non-immigrant visa. Depending on the intention of your travel such as business or for tourism you can apply for a US Visit Visa from UAE in the below types:

  • B1 Visa-If the purpose of your visit is business , then you have to apply for US Business Visa (B1 visa)
  • B2 Visa-If the purpose of your visit is tourism , then you have to apply for US Tourist Visa (B2 visa)

Travelling to US, and need advice on US Tourist Visa Application and Requirements? For immediate assistance to answer any questions you may have about US visit visa, please call us on +971-43543854 or simply fill in our Free Consultation Form and we will be happy to assist you.

What are the steps of US Visa Application from UAE?

Step -1: Understand your Visa type. Visit the Consular Electronic Application Centre and fill online application form DS-160. Carefully fill the form and provide accurate information as it will reduce your chances of visa rejection. Experts at Global Law will be happy to assist you in this process.

Step -2:  Make the necessary payments which can be made either in US dollars or local currency. A receipt number is generated at the time of your payment, which is required for booking your US tourist visa appointment.

Step -3: We will assist you inscheduling an appointment for your US Visa interview in Dubai.

Step -4: Attend your interview on time in the Embassy on your scheduled date and time along with your required documents.

Documents required for US Visit Visa interview includes:

  • Your valid passport, as well as the DS-160 confirmation document.
  • One photograph in accordance with US visa requirements
  • Bank statements, income tax returns, or information on other assets
  • A copy of your appointment confirmation.
  • Health records 
  • Itinerary for the trip
  • Letter from present employer and other job information
  • Certificate of Character
  • Passport-size photos, again in compliance with US criteria.

A digital fingerprint scan will be taken during your US tourist visa application process. Some visa applications necessitate further administrative processing, which takes time after the visa applicant’s interview with the Consular Officer.

In general, people on a B1/B2 visa must produce all documentation related to their visit.

 Global Law Immigration Consultancy in Dubai are committed to give a detailed assessment of your personal circumstances and ensure that you have the correct documentation to strengthen your case when applying for a US Visit Visa and making a US Visit Visa Application, to avoid rejection. We will go through with you in each of the above step and ensure that you are successful in getting a US Tourist Visa.

 For immediate assistance to answer any questions you may have about US visit visa, please call us on +971-43543854 or simply fill in our Free Consultation Form and we will be happy to assist you.

us tourist visa

How long will it take to process a US visit visa from UAE?

The processing time for a US visa in Dubai might take up to 78 days (11 weeks). The length of time it takes to complete your visa application is usually determined by the number of visa applications the US Embassy has at the same time as yours. The process, however, takes at least a month to complete. It’s always better to plan ahead and apply earliest.

How long can I stay in US with my US Visit Visa?

Usually the period of stay in the US with visit visa is 6 months.

For immediate assistance to answer any questions you may have about US visit visa, please call us on +971-43543854 or simply fill in our Free Consultation Form and we will be happy to assist you.

How much does it cost for a US Visit Visa from UAE?

A standard US Tourist Visa from UAE may vary.

To know the current US Tourist Visa rates or for immediate assistance to answer any questions you may have about US visit visa, please call us on +971-43543854 or simply fill in our Free Consultation Form and we will be happy to assist you.

What can I do if my US Visit Visa application is rejected?

For immediate assistance to answer any questions you may have about US visit visa, please call us on +971-43543854 or simply fill in our Free Consultation Form and we will be happy to assist you.

How can we help you?

  • Advising the client on requirements
  • Preparing the correct documentation for submission
  • Completion of application form
  • Follow-ups and on time updates of the Visa application status.
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US Visit visa from Dubai

What to do next?

Please call us on +971-43543854 or simply fill in our Free Consultation Form and one of our professionals will contact you as soon as possible.

We will treat your enquiry as important and confidential, and we will not pass your personal details to any third parties for marketing purposes. Global Law Immigration Consultancy in Dubai are authorized and regulated by the OISC: F202100278 for US Visa activities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We work on a fixed fee basis, meaning that any fee quoted is the final fee you will pay regardless of how complicated a case becomes. Our fee scale has been authorised by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner.

Our offices are located Dubai, UAE and in London, United Kingdom. We are happy to meet clients either face-to-face or remotely for consultations. We highly recommend that clients book their consultations before their visit to avoid any delays in seeing you.

Preparation of your application for submission to the Home Office may take between a few days and a number of weeks depending on your circumstances. Most applications submitted inside the UK, are reviewed by the Home Office within 8 weeks, whilst most applications submitted outside the UK are reviewed within 3 weeks, apart from family applications which can take 12 weeks. Exceptions apply.

We are qualified to represent clients in all categories of immigration, including:

• – UK Visit Visa
• – UK Spouse Visa
• – UK Student Visas
• – UK Skilled Workers
• – UK Business Visit Applications
• – UK Start Up and UK Innovator Visas
• – Schengen Visas
• – UAE Freezone Business Set Up
• – UAE Mainland Business Set Up
• – UAE Freelance Visa
• – UAE Remote Working Visa
• – UAE Golden Visas

We offer consultations to support our clients with selecting the most appropriate UK & UAE immigration route. We also offer full assistance with the preparation and submission of immigration applications for our clients, as well as legal advice and representation when challenging refusals through Administrative Review and the Immigration Tribunal Appeal processes

Applying for UK Visit Visa can be a complex matter and will depend on your personal circumstances. By having a Free Consultation with us, we will give you professional and honest advice about the possible outcome of your application

When applying for a UK Spouse Visa, there are many ways a person may meet the requirements. When assessing your circumstances, we will give you a full and comprehensive document list which we must submit when making your application.

In most instances you should find a job through a recruitment agency in the UK, Once you have secured a job, Global Law will process your visa application. If you are Healthcare worker, we can put you in touch with Care Homes that offer sponsorship.

Global Law has one of the best PRO officers on their team. Our PRO officer has 13 years of experience dealing with all the services you may need in Dubai and the UAE.

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