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A new Visa option in the United Kingdom for the world’s top graduates.

Top graduates from around the world now have a new visa option in the United Kingdom.

Graduates from the world’s top universities who are still in their early careers will now be able to apply for a short-term visa to stay and work in the United Kingdom.
As per the UK government this “high-potential individual” route will attract “brightest and best” young minds to UK.

The UK government has published an online list of eligible universities for 2021, which includes 20 US universities such as Harvard, Yale, and MIT. There are also 17 more qualifying institutions, including the University of Hong Kong, the University of Melbourne, and the University of Paris Sciences et Lettres etc. Check the list to find out whether your university is on the list.

People who graduated from one of the eligible leading non-UK universities listed on its website within the last five years will be able to apply for the UK’s “high potential individual” visa from now onwards. Successful applicants will be granted a two-year visa, while those with a PhD will be granted a three-year visa. Graduates who have been granted an HPI visa will be able to switch to other long-term employment visas if they meet the eligibility requirements.

In order to apply graduates must have a valid passport or other travel document proving their identity and nationality. It will be available to those who qualify, regardless of nationality or place of birth. Applicants must also demonstrate that they have at least a “B1” level of English.

Applicants will be required to pay a health care surcharge in order to use the United Kingdom’s National Health Service. Once applied for, the applicants usually find out whether they’ve been successful or not within three weeks if they apply from outside the United Kingdom, and eight weeks if they’re already in the United Kingdom and switching from another visa.

This offers universities with independent validation and opens the door for new foreign universities to rise through the ranks and join this list in the future.

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